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This is a spec script for HACKS Season 3, Episode 1.  I wrote this right after season 2 ended because the show is so good and I’d love to work on it. Lucia Aniello, Paul W. Downs, Jen Statsky, and the rest of the writers set a very high – Emmy-winning – bar. I did my best.

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If Google got you here, great. But what you really want to read is the Hacks season 3 script PDF above, not the horrible, terrible, awful, lousy, borderline unreadable SEO copy below that was intentionally written so you would discover this page.

If you work on the show (talking to you Lucia Aniello, Jen Statsky, and Paul W. Downs) I know that you can’t read this unless my agent sends it to you (which you can request). Maybe then you can give me a shot at working on your awesome show. That’s it. So stop reading this SEO crap now. Click the button above to read the Hacks script PDF.

If you want to see some of my commercial directing work here are some links: Funniest spot. Weirdest spot. Most recent spot (depending on when you see this). Smartest spot. Famous-est spot (for now.) The main thing to know is if I could I would only do comedy.

Hacks Season 3 / Hacks Script PDF

Will there be a season 3 for Hacks?

Great news! HBO Max has renewed the critically acclaimed comedy series Hacks starring Jean Smart and Hannah Einbinder for a third season.

After an incredible Emmy-winning Hacks season 1, and a killer Hacks season 2 finale, I couldn’t wait for Hacks season 3. And so I decided to write Hacks Season 3, Episode 1 before they release a Hacks season 3 trailer. (If you want to hear the show creators talk about the season 2 ending, check this out.)

So far there isn’t any news about a Hacks season 3 release date, so this Hacks spec script will have to do for now. You can download Eran Thomson’s Hacks script using the button above. Learn more about the show by searching Google for: Hacks Season 3 IMDB.

The writers on Hacks are among the best in the world in my opinion. I would kill to write on this show which is why I cranked out this Hacks script in just a few days shortly after season 2 ended.

My dream would be to join the writers room for Hacks and work alongside and learn from geniuses like Lucia Aniello, Jen Statsky, and Paul W. Downs. Not to mention all the other great comedy writers on the show: Katherine Kearns, Ariel Karlin, Pat Regan, Andrew Law, Samantha Riley, Joanna Calo, Joe Mande, and Aisha Muharrar.

The incredible Hacks cast. What an amazing assortment of fine actors and human beings on this show! The featured stars are: Jean Smart (Deborah Vance), Hannah Einbinder (Ava), Carl Clemons-Hopkins (Marcus), Mark Indelicato (Damien), Paul W. Downs (Jimmy), Christopher McDonald (Marty), Rose Abdoo (Josefina), Megan Stalter (Kayla), Poppy Liu (Kiki), Kaitlin Olson (DJ), Johnny Sibilly (Wilson) – and for those of you asking, “Who is Ava’s mom in Hacks?” the answer is Jane Adams.

Will there be a Hacks season 4? I hope so! And I really hope I get to work on it.

Hacks season 3 how many episodes? No idea but if I had to guess, I’d say 10.

If you want to learn about my broad experience and expertise – google “Eran Thomson” to find my personal website. As for my credentials, I’ve studied screenwriting at UCLA, taken improv classes at The Second City, sketch comedy writing classes at The Groundlings, trained in comedic structure with Steve Kaplan, and I founded Australia’s first improv and sketch comedy school called Laugh Masters Academy that had locations in Sydney, Parramatta and Melbourne before COVID crushed us.

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