Hey, legend.
Thanks for clicking my donkey’s dumb face.

I’m a freelance writer/director and we should probably work together.

Here’s what you can expect:

I like to say I only do comedy, but I have a mortgage and a wife with expensive taste. And she wants to renovate.

I’ve never made a mistake in my life. But there are thousands of things I’ll never do again. Lucky for you, I learned on someone else’s dollar.

As many as you can handle. Maybe more than you can handle. Always 100% on-brief.

Hire me to write. Or Direct. Or both.

I love solving creative briefs, can pitch like a champ, and four out of five Marketing Directors have crushes on me. The 5th is just jealous.

No ego here.  I can take a note.  And I have great production partners all over the world who will help things run smooth as.

If I have to explain this to you, ignore everything you’ve just read. Don’t call me.

But, if you want to collaborate on killer scripts, pitch and sell award-winning ideas, and make cool content…

I’m your donkey-loving man.*

– E.T.

Eran Thomson
Freelance Writer and Director
AU: +61 403 887 443
US: +1 310 400 6797

*Not like that, pervert.