Eran Thomson best comedy director, best comedy writer, not the best SEO expert.

When I made this page I didn’t know if this shit was actually gonna work.

But now that you’re here, I’m pleased to report that it did.

Do yourself a favour though and stop reading now and start watching my work.

Trust me.

Watch the goods now

I’m a comedy director and one of many great comedy writers.

Still reading? OK, fine. But don’t say I didn’t warn you.

The SEO optimised on this page is an ugly, non-sensical (but arguably successful) word salad.

I used all the highest-ranking SEO search terms that someone like you might use to find someone like me.

And in some (most) cases, I didn’t even bother to write a decent sentence.

If you’re looking for comedy directors to watch then you must be really into comedy directors. Which is not the worst thing someone could be into.

The worst thing would be torturing kittens.

If there are any comedy directors commercials out there with tortured kittens in them, I’m gonna go out on a limb and say that they are probably not that funny.

Sometimes that’s the fault of the comedy writers. Even the best comedy writers working today know that torturing kittens is not funny. Ask any of the best comedy writers 2018, or best comedy writers 2019, or best comedy writers 2020 and they’ll tell you I’m right.

They’ll say: “Yep, Eran Thomson the not so famous comedy tvc director and comedy tvc writer is 100% right.” That’s because I am in fact, 100% per cent right when compared to other comedy tv directors and comedy tvc writers.

That’s why when people want comedy directors Sydney, or comedy directors Los Angeles, or comedy directors LA, or comedy directors New York, they call me. Because I am all those things and legal to work in all those places.

And if they happen to be looking for best comedy directors, or best comedy directors 2018, or best comedy directors 2019, or even best comedy directors 2020, then this is the place.

Can we talk about the word “best” for a minute though? Because of two things:

  1. When I say “best” it makes me sound like a dickhead. But honestly, I have no ego, the algorithm made me do it.
  2. Trump’s old lady and her “Be Best” initiative have basically ruined the word for everyone, forever.

Anyway, you’re looking for comedy tv directors, comedy directors advertising, and comedy director video. Or maybe you only want to work with the latest and greatest best comedy directors today or best comedy directors in the world.

I don’t blame you. Best is the best. Even if Ivanka messed things up.


You know, I am fully aware of how bad this is.

And yet, I am simultaneously endeavouring to convince you that I am also one of the world’s best comedy writers to watch, comedy writers commercials, and comedy writers advertising.

That last sentence is absolutely not proving the point.

I could blame chemicals in the water supply but from where? I work all over, including comedy writers Sydney, comedy writers Los Angeles, comedy writers LA, comedy writers New York. Not to mention, Australian comedy film writers.

I mean whose aquifers could I blame? I quaff from them all.

The reality is this is the worst thing I have ever written and intentionally published.

I need you to know this so that when you search for things like comedy writer video, best comedy writers working today…

Or best comedy writers today, top comedy writers, best comedy writers in the world and you land here, you know that I know this is not good.

And the fact that I know it’s not good just proves that I am best comedy writers, best comedy writers advertising, a comedy writers to watch.


If my Journalism school professors could see this mess they would torture me like a stupid kitten.

Then again they would be sad that I was using my journalism skills to sell stuff. Even if it was funny to read and/or watch.

The fact that I love writing (and also shooting and directing) comedy writers commercials, comedy writers advertising, best comedy writers advertising, comedy tv writers, comedy tvc writer would go against everything they stand for.

They wouldn’t care that I might be the among the best comedy writers in the world or a shit hot comedy new writer. Or an Australian comedy film writers, or that I comedy writer video.

Or that I landed on a list of best comedy writers today that included all the top comedy writers my Mom knows.

Because the writing is supposed to be serious and there’s no place for a comedy new writer even if he’s the best comedy writers.

But what about when a comedy writer is also a comedy director?

Could a classically trained Journalist and founder of Australia’s #1 comedy school also be the best comedy directors advertising, comedy new director? Australian comedy film directors, comedy tvc director?

The answer is a resounding yes.

Especially when it comes to Eran Thomson, best comedy directors today.

Holy crap! I just realised something.

Maybe Ivanka isn’t stupid and her “Be Best” mess was really her just trying to SEO optimise her mission to… what’s her mission again?

Anti-bullying? Now that is funny best comedy directors, best comedy directors advertising.

But let’s keep politics out of this and stick to the comedy directors to watch, comedy directors, comedy directors commercials. And of course, comedy directors advertising, and comedy director video.

And let’s keep kittens out of this too. Lord knows there’s enough of them on film already.

Eran Thomson has never tortured a kitten.

Except for that one time when he was three years old and put one in a pillowcase and swung it around a little bit.

It seemed like it was having fun at the time,

And that’s why Eran Thomson is one of the best comedy directors working today. And the best comedy writers working today. Perhaps he is even the best comedy writer/director in the world.

As for you? I can’t believe you read all this mess.

Especially after I top comedy directors told you not to.

Go watch my reel now.